ELEMIS – Skincare Stories


Sibling were tasked with developing a theme and concept for ELEMIS’ 2022 Holiday collection.

Inspired by their catalogue of bestsellers, we developed the idea of each gift as a volume, each one with their own skincare story to tell.

We introduced book style boxes, with the exteriors decorated in a set of abstract festive patterns – from a snowflake to a holly leaf in a more contemporary festive palette, contrasting with interiors printed in traditional marble end papers.

Where the gift content lent itself more to a simple crashlock box, we introduced cover and spine details graphically, added a bookmark style tab to depict the product shots within each gift and arranged the back of packs like a contents page.

The Advent Calendar is a series of 25 miniature books within a book. Each one with a ribbon tab, intended to be repurposed as a tree ornament or an individual gift box that can be reused or gifted on.

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Theme, Concept, Packaging Design, Artwork


ELEMIS in-house team