Fudge Urban

Repositioning and packaging

The Fudge Urban team identified an opportunity to maximise the brand’s current popularity with the male market, by creating a range of 8 products exclusively for men.

There were already two hero products within the existing range – Matte Head Master and Matte Wax – both in a blue and orange design and in unique and ownable packaging formats.

The idea was to create a more uniform, easy to navigate range that is sub categorised into three areas – Matte Up, Roughen Up and Hold Up – retaining the youthful, edgy personality and urban design that would appeal to the target market.

Orange was previously an important brand equity for both Fudge Professional and Fudge Urban, yet this had been largely lost from the Urban design. It was felt that the new packaging would benefit from the reintroduction of Orange across the range, to create a strong, single brand colour and increase shelf presence, as well as create a link back to the highly credible parent brand, Fudge Professional.

With ‘Urban’ in the name, the range demanded a design to live up to it. We developed a utilitarian, street art-stencil inspired concept, that clearly sign posted the repositioning of the range. The introduction of icons to communicate hold level and finish kept the design lighthearted and with a sense of humour.


Fudge Urban, PZ Cussons Beauty


Concept and Packaging Design