Percy & Reed I’m No Flake Shampoo

Concept & Packaging Design

Percy & Reed have expanded their range to address specific hair concerns, the first being a Shampoo formulated for sensitive scalps.

Aware that this is a unisex problem and with a core range that depicts an illustrated girl on each product, Percy & Reed needed a new packaging concept for this collection that retained the elements core to the brand – illustration and colour to aid navigation – while ensuring it would not alienate a male consumer.

We introduced a sketch style depiction of a close crop of hair and placed it within a frame, using a clean blue shade that represents the product’s gentle, yet clinically proven efficacy. We then added a tab of colour and a feather icon as another nod to its sensitivity and as a way of differentiating it from future additions to the range.


Percy & Reed


Concept, Packaging Design & Artwork